Steve Brosky – The Musical

Steve Brosky, The Musical – In Pictures, The Morning Call, by Kathy Lauer-Williams

Show Review, The Morning Call, by Kathy Lauer-Williams

Show Review, Icon Magazine, by Geoff Gehman

Show Review,, by Ara Barlieb

Who is Steve Brosky?

Steve’s an Allentown native who’s spent the past thirty-plus years writing songs and performing music from bar to bar in the Lehigh Valley, scraping out a living as our very own tragi-comic bard with a soulful voice and a kick-ass band.  Allentown’s has always struggled a bit as a second-tier city, trying to find it’s way like so many other rust belt towns in the post-war era.So close to Philly, so close to New York, but obviously neither.
So, just what is Allentown?
Steve has come close to answering that question, capturing some of  the town’s essence, poking fun at the local Pennsylvania “Dutch” culture & mindset, the local bar & music scene, and, of course, himself in the process. His voice has been compared to Springsteen, Van Morrison, and Tom Waits as he straddles rock’n’roll, blues and soul with a tone that carries pathos, angst and humor.

Steve’s Story

But Steve’s story has meaning beyond the hills that define this valley. He paints a picture of life in a working-class, rust-belt town, and presents a tale familiar to many Viet Nam vets, a story of struggle and eventual victory over drug dependence and a struggle to find his place in a world that did not greet returning vets with the same open arms today’s vets come home to.

We follow Steve’s journey through the next 30 years, through Allentown’s brief appearance in the spotlight in the ’80s, thanks to Billy Joel’s hit song “Allentown”. Joel’s song, originally named “Levittown”, never actually had much to do with its namesake, and while both Steve and Mr. Joel were awarded the key to the city by Mayor Joe Dadonna, Steve’s own homegrown ditties about the valley have always rung a little truer.

Taking Steve’s Story Onstage

We’ve taken Steve’s story to the stage as a musical featurng Steve’s original music, complete with live band, and a small cast of characters, with Steve front and center. Playwright, actor, producer and arts educator George Miller has produced the script with Steve. Dan McKinney has provided sound design and multi-media displays for the show, and Steve is joined onstage with a band consisting of Jimmy Meyers, Steve’s long-time bandmate, and other stellar Lehigh Valley musicians.

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